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I just wanted to say …

Rachel Fearon

I just wanted to say that the extra touch of having an animated character reading the text is a stroke of pure brilliance, personally i always found a disembodied computerised voice reading to me a little unsettling!  but having a animated human reading your work to you is a lot like having a real person reading your work out loud to you, and being able to have this digitally at your convenience, online for free, is almost too good for words.

The animation is excellent with realistic blinking, head movements and mouth movements, but the most important thing is the grammar inflection, i am studying for a degree in computing and i have to write a lot of reports, and when she reads things back to me i can tell if i have made grammatical errors that went unnoticed by my Microsoft word grammar checker; when you have written the work it can be hard to judge it critically enough because knowing how it is all supposed to sound means you can't always detect errors in pitch, pace, and timing.

She (i like the female voice and animation best) has excellent speech inflection and unlike Google translate she does not just pause anywhere, she pauses according to the way you have written the text grammatically and this is more help than i can put into words (and as you can tell from the length of this email putting things into words is not usually a problem for me!) So at the risk of repeating myself, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I will be going in to college on Monday and recommending this to everyone in my year and also too my lecturers so it can be recommend to help the many students in my class for who English is not their first language, and for those who suffer with dyslexia, this tool will be as useful to them as it is to me.

also the fact that you do not have to register or login to use this product meaning you can access it quickly when you need too is yet another added bonus, and on top of all that the product is not bomnbarding you with advertising, i don't know how your doing it but i am content to say you are all beautiful miricle workers and leave it at that! 😉 

so at the risk of repeating myself yet again THANK YOU truly from the bottom of my heart for your excellent product. 😉